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The NUnit upgrade

Recently we decided that an upgrade was long overdue - our unittest project was using NUnit 2.6.4, and v3.4.1 had been around for at couple of weeks.

So, we did what anyone would, and let NuGet do the heavy lifting. Of course there were a few breaking changes, but nothing we couldn't handle. 30 minutes and 8 commits later, we were officially back to 2016. But TeamCity didn't agree. It seemed that after an NUnit run, the nunit-agent.exe process was never killed off, keeping pesky references to the assets in the bin-folder thus preventing the next build from succeeding.

So, a bit of digging and we found this: https://github.com/nunit/nunit-console/issues/43. TL;DR: the above happens if nunit-console output is redirected to anything but std-out, like TeamCity. Fix - probably NUnit 3.5, but they're taking it seriously

Screengrap from github/nunit/issue/43

Oh, well. Back to 2.6.4 and now I've written this, to remind me why our unittest project was left behind in 2015

Update 27.nov.2016
NUnit released v3.5 recently, and we've tried it out - still doesn't work for us. We get intermittent "AppDomainUnloadExceptions" presumably because something in our test fixtures is being kept alive for longer than the timeout. 


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